Some personal words

“Thank you for facilitating the team development workshop so well.”
(Dr. Joachim Wicke, Head of Department AD SE, Siemens)

“Thank you for the excellent facilitation. I can easily imagine us doing another workshop with you next year.”
(Mr. Suckel, Manager of the Southern Logistics Center, Deutsche Telekom)

“The Phoenix coaching was very important for me. I was able to recognise habitual behaviour, spot negative points and develop new working strategies.”
(O. Hoffmann, Head of Service, Daimler Benz )

“Frank Kaeppler gave our Product Management team valuable impulses for the future.”
(Jens Ehrler, product management, Dehn und Soehne)

“I can now deal better with customers and colleagues; I have become more open to their issues.”
(Reiner Schmidt, Head of Customs Processing, Siemens, Erlangen)

“I recommend Phoenix coaching unreservedly!”
(Lothar Lamprecht, CEO, Fürth)

“I used to dread customer complaints. Now I see them as a chance to satisfy customes and to increase their loyalty to our firm.”
(M. Vollmer, CEO Ortmeier & Vollmer Communications Technology)

“Working with Phoenix gave me courage. I have profited greatly at a personal level.”
(Wolfgang Manlig, Head of Service at Mediamarkt, Erlangen)

“We were able to apply our new knowledge immediately, and since taking the seminar we sell more furniture and have more fun doing it.”
(Fritz Art, TRIO Raumkonzepte Stuttgart)

“The Phoenix personality training workshop – perhaps the three most important days of my life.”
(Joachim Witt, Master Brewer, Cham)

“I would never have thought that I could inspire 20 people with a presentation. I am now much more confident.”
(Jutta Mayer, Building Authority of the town of Zirndorf)

“The Phoenix Trainers are good at creating a relaxed learning atmosphere. Fun and highly concentrated work can go together.“
(Mechthild Hirte, psychologist, Freising)

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