Best Practice Leadership

Management through Coaching – a New Approach to Leadership

Today, management and their personnel need to pay close attention to the balance of various “hard“ and “soft“ factors:


Results-oriented Management

  • effectivity
  • emphasis on strengths
  • engagement
  • focus on goals

Value-oriented Management

  • loyalty
  • fairness
  • trust
  • values

Management through coaching is thus a concept designed to increase your employees’ ability to achieve results.

Only through the combination of results-oriented and value-led management can managers and their teams continually improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Coaching, as a holistic approach to leadership, is not based on one person giving instructions, but on all those involved in the process accepting self-responsibility.

We assist managers and accompany them through the process, always using concrete practical themes and questions related to their individual leadership performance.

Our years of experience at Phoenix Business Energy have proved the following themes to be especially effective in reaching sustainable goals:

  • introducing successful coaching principles
  • increased confidence as a leader
  • increased team motivation through being a role model
  • using coaching to exploit opportunities on a case by case basis
  • increasing you personnel’s self-responsibility
  • actively living the feedback culture
  • reaching project goals with optimal resources
  • results-oriented management of internal meetings

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